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Go Digital: Join Nivesh; an Online Mutual Fund Platform where Distributors Get Access to Software for Free

Customers might switch online platforms instead of sticking with you! Every businessperson is creating an online presence because digital is the way of the future. And the way to digitize your business is to acquire a Mutual Funds Software for Distributors!

Customers want everything to be accessible digitally, from ordering food and clothes to investing. In such a scenario, mutual fund distributors stand a chance to improve and even expand their business practices, incorporate software into their distribution operations as we progress toward a digital economy. The question is, How does one acquire this? Our platform, Nivesh, is the ideal means to transform your mutual business. Nivesh, an award-winning online mutual fund software for distributors, with various payment options and portfolio tracking. You can now easily grow your mutual fund business through our online mutual fund platform. Moreover, Nivesh offers speedy online transactions, a variety of payment options, portfolio tracking, and a simple selection of the appropriate asset allocation and model portfolio. Other fixed-income products offered by Nivesh include PMS, AIF, Digital Gold, P2P Lending, Corporate Bonds, and Corporate Fixed Deposits. This increases a mutual fund distributor’s commission income while enabling them to provide their clients with a comprehensive solution.

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Become Part of Our Family & Enjoy Benefits Like,

You must be thinking about why you should join Nivesh. After joining hands with Nivesh, you will be enjoying amazing benefits as you can easily transform your physical office into a virtual one. Yes, Nivesh is the best mutual fund distributor platform to manage your business. By joining the platform, you can provide an enhanced experience to your customers.
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Using a Digital Ecosystem Instead of a Single Platform

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Convert Your Internet-Based Office Into A Virtual One

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A Paperless Experience for Clients and Distributors

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Portfolio Evaluations and Reorganizations in Compliance with Your Client’s Requests

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Utilize Our Research-Based Reports And Suggestions To Save Time
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Tailored And Personalized Marketing Materials To Increase Your Reach Out To Customers

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Easy-to-use Google Listing to Increase Your Local Visibility

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 Expert-led skill-building sessions to enable you to grow your business
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 Relationship Managers to Help You on Your Way to Achievement
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 Unwavering Security and Confidentiality

Features of Nivesh Online Mutual Funds Distribution Platform

Nivesh is a digital ecosystem that supports the expansion of the mutual fund distribution industry, not just a platform. Read about the differences between us.


Numerous Items and Numerous Suppliers


Online transactions, onboarding, and KYC


Establish and oversee customer portfolios


Get RTA Statements and Distribute Them Instantaneously


Various Methods of Payment


Reports on Families


Reports on Analysis


Alerts and Notifications

Applications in Different Platforms

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What are the benefits of partnering with an online platform? 

Online Platforms can provide access to a wider range of mutual funds from various AMCs, adding to your product offerings. Since these platforms handle tasks like transaction processing smoothly, they free up your time to focus on client relationships and outreach.

What are the benefits of using online platforms?

Online platforms are more convenient, allowing you to invest anytime and anywhere at lower costs. You enjoy a wider choice as these platforms offer you a vast selection of Mutual Funds to Invest in.

Can Online Platforms aid in expanding Client Base? 

Yes, of course! Since these platforms ensure ease of transactions, you can foster your relations with existing clientele. Moreover, a wider audience can enjoy your services 24/7 and makes you more accessible to clients located outside of your locality. 

What form of customer support is offered to distributors?

 Our platform offers dedicated customer support to distributors. You can utilize our research-based reports and suggestions to save time. You also receive tailored and personalized marketing materials to increase your reach out to customers.

How can I grow my Online Mutual Fund Business?  Nivesh offers numerous benefits to its distributors in terms of marketing. Our Expert-led skill-building sessions to enable you to grow your business, and assigns you Relationship Managers to Help You on Your Way to Achievement.

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