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Only mutual fund distributors who are qualified and possess an AMFI ARN code are authorized to sell mutual funds. Attaining ARN Holder status necessitates successfully passing the NISM Series V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination, which is a crucial part of the AMFI certification process.

Each distributor is limited to holding only one AMFI ARN code or Letter of Registration. The amfi certification remains valid for a period of three years, after which the distributor must apply for online ARN renewal. Renewal of the AMFI ARN code is contingent upon two factors: impending expiration of AMFI ARN validity or expiration of ARN validity itself.

For further details on the renewal process, please refer to the ARN renewal section.

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Why is the AMFI ARN Code Required?

SEBI and AMFI employ the ARN allotment process to ensure that mutual fund distributors adhere to the highest ethical standards and possess the requisite knowledge to recommend appropriate mutual funds to their clients. This process includes the issuance of an AMFI ARN code for mutual fund schemes, which serves as a marker of credibility and proficiency.

While the phrase “Mutual Funds Are Subject to Market Risk” is a common refrain, diligent measures can mitigate this risk. Mutual fund distributors, equipped with the AMFI code mutual fund certification, are entrusted with assisting clients in risk management through their expertise.

Intermediaries, or mutual fund agents, play a crucial role in educating investors about the associated risks and guiding them in selecting suitable schemes. The AMFI ARN code for mutual fund schemes ensures that these intermediaries are well-qualified and committed to upholding industry standards.

In accordance with AMFI Guidelines, mutual funds are restricted from engaging with intermediaries who are not registered with AMFI and do not possess the requisite ARN.

      How to Get ARN Number?

Upon successfully passing the NISM -VA examination to qualify as a mutual fund agent and obtaining the certificate, you are eligible to apply for ARN code through both offline and online channels. CAMS has been authorized by AMFI to facilitate the registration process for mutual fund distributors and issuance of the AMFI ARN code and amfi code.


AMFI ARN Registration – Offline Mode

To commence the offline ARN application procedure, assemble the following documents and deliver them, along with completing biometric verification, to the nearest CAMS office:

  • Complete the individual registration application form in its entirety.
  • Prepare a demand draft payable locally to “All India Mutual fund Association.”
  • Provide a self-attested copy of the valid NISM Series V-A Certificate.
  • Include three stamp-size color photographs.
  • Fill out and sign the KYD Individual Application form, affixing a photograph and signing across it.
  • Provide self-attested copies of PAN proof, address proof, and bank proof (cancelled cheque copy or latest bank account statement).

AMFI ARN Registration Process – Online Mode

To initiate the online ARN application process, follow these steps. Ensure you have your PAN card readily available before proceeding:

  • Visit the official website of AMFI.
  •  Enter your PAN number and mobile number.
  • A new window will open if your NISM details are registered on the platform.
  • Proceed by uploading the necessary documents and making the application payment.
  •  Note that the application fees vary depending on the entity type. Refer to the provided link for detailed fee information.

How to Register for CPE/ ECPE Training?

Grandfather by Age Category
Grandfather by Experience Category
Applicants may participate in the CPE Program up to six months before the stated Certificate or ARN Card expires.
Under the “Grandfather by Age Category,” any associated person—aside from the principal—who turned fifty years old on May 31, 2010, may participate in the NISM Series V (a): Mutual Fund Distributors CPE Program.
 The NISM Series V (a): Mutual Fund Distributors CPE Program is open to any associated person, other than the principal, who, as of May 31, 2010, had ten years or more of experience as a distributor, agent, or employed in the sale and/or distribution of mutual fund products under the “Grandfather by Experience Category.”

What are the Benefits of the ARN Code?

One of the most crucial codes for investors and mutual fund distributors alike is ARN.

It is comparable to the intermediary’s ID. The CAMS and Karvy provide the information to the intermediary linked to the ARN code, so the Mutual Fund ARN Holder can easily track the assets mobilized by him with the aid of the ARN code.

The ARN Number makes it simple to calculate the intermediary’s brokerage. 

Process of ARN Renewal

The ARN Number has a three-year validity period. If your ARN validity is about to expire, you must schedule CPE/ECPE training; otherwise, you must schedule the NISM Certifications Exam to renew your ARN number.

Individuals, senior citizens, and employees must submit an application for the renewal of their EUIN or ARN, along with a copy of their CPE certificate or NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination passing certificate and two color photos the size of stamps, in order to be eligible for ARN renewal.

The online arn renewal procedure cannot be finished in the absence of valid documentation. The process for amfi arn renewal ensures that all necessary documents are submitted correctly. For a seamless arn renewal online experience, ensure that all required steps are followed.”


Process to Register for CPE/ ECPE Training

You must register for the CPE/ECPE Training if your ARN number is about to expire and you wish to renew it before the deadline. The registration procedure is as follows.

Step 1:

Access your NISM account and navigate to the ‘Enrolment’ section.

Step 2:

From the dropdown menu, choose ‘Enroll for CPE/eCPE’.

Step 3:

Select the relevant modules, such as Mutual Funds, and specify the category                                 for renewal (normal                                                                     renewal/grandfathered by age or                                           experience). Typically, normal renewal is                               selected.

Step 4:

Choose your preferred date and time slot and proceed to make the payment online                             through the NISM portal.

Step 5:

One day before the training date, you will receive login credentials for CPE via email                             and SMS.

Step 6:

Your login credentials will remain valid until the training is completed.


Difference Between CPE & E CPE
Online Mode
Offline Mode
Physical centre. You will have to visit the selected centre on the training day
No need to visit the centre
Id Proofs and admit card
A laptop or desktop with at least 2GB RAM Internet connection with a minimum speed of 2MBPS
5-6 hours
4-5 hours
Doubt Session
One on one questions can be asked
This is session recorded and live doubts are taken into consideration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
1. Who Assigns ARN Numbers?

 The Association of Mutual Funds in India is responsible for assigning the AMFI Registration Number to each mutual fund distributor, facilitating their assistance to clients in investing in mutual fund schemes.

2. How to Renew ARN Numbers Online?

The renewal process for ARN numbers is exclusively conducted through the official portal of the Association of Mutual Funds in India. To complete the renewal, individuals must provide their PAN card details and mobile number, along with documentation verifying their NISM examination clearance. Failure to submit valid documents will result in the inability to renew the ARN number.

3.Can ARN Numbers be Registered Online?

Yes, individuals who have successfully passed the NISM-V-A mutual fund distribution certificate examination can apply for ARN numbers online through the official website of AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India).

4. How to Obtain an AMFI Certificate?

To acquire the ARN certificate or ARN card, individuals can visit the official website of the Association of Mutual Funds in India for downloading.

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